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Duraline Systems Inc
The SteriLine™3610 Sterilization Center

The SteriLine™3610 Sterilization Center

Brand:   SteriLine™
Condition:   New
Offers additional space over the SteriLine™2715 module.
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Offers additional space over the SteriLine™2715 module. The SteriLine™3610 is the ULTIMATE, designed for a large robust practise that requires a washer-disinfector, additional counter-space and cabinets. Has the complete "clean-to-sterile" package, which includes: Three upper cabinets (contaminated trays / instruments kept on left side, supplies in middle cabinet, and sterile trays stored on right side) Hazardous waste disposal on left base cabinets (with push-pull cabinet doors) Washer-disinfector located near sink base cabinet Sterilizer stored under counter, with pull-out drawer for easy servicing Two base cabinets on right with push-pull drawers, for storage of sterilized instruments Backsplash rack system keeps supplies suspended above counter-top, providing more counter space

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