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Labelex™ I.D. Label Dispensers

Labelex™ I.D. Label Dispensers

Brand:   Labelex™
Condition:   New
The perfect system to organize and track your sterilized packs or pouches.
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KEY FEATURES OF the Labelex™ LABELING SYSTEM: Easy-to-use turn knobs to adjust the “Date of Sterilization” and the “Expiry Date”. Change “Lot #” to identify the sterilizer load # Easier to load than other leading brands High quality and long-lasting – Made in Italy Full two-year replacement warranty! (under normal use conditions

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Labelex™ I.D. LABELING DISPENSERS THE Labelex™ I.D. LABELING SYSTEM Solution: The perfect system to organize and track your sterilized packs or pouches. Great for any size office. Try out our user-friendly, long-lasting, quality label dispenser today! CHOOSE YOUR DISPENSER COLOR: Available in: Blue, Red, Green Perfect for offices with more than one sterilizer – for easy identification! MANY label designs and colors available! Available in Single-Ply or Double-Ply adhesive. Be In Compliance: "....The packaging units are to be kept as small as possible and provided with labels indicating the contents, date of sterilization, use-by date, batch number, and sterilization indicator." Source: Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) Quantity Discounts QtyPrice 2+ $ 175.75 3+ $ 166.50

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6 months warranty, 30 days return policy