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AN EO Gas 4 Sterilizer

AN EO Gas 4 Sterilizer

Brand:   EO Gas
Condition:   New
EOGas 4 now makes it possible to achieve sterilization with ethylene oxide in 3.5 hours.
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The EOGas 4 is a 50°C or 30°C cycle, bench top cabinet with active aeration. 4 cycles are available, the fastest being just 3½ hours at 50°C, all delivering 10-6 SAL. It requires minimal installation: just a 1" PVC hose to the outside with the wall plate provided. There are no water or vacuum lines required. Sterilization and aeration happen in the same cabinet. EOGas 4 compared to other low temperature sterilizers The widest range of material and product compatibility (other than foods, liquids, or drugs). Ability to sterilize long, narrow, and multi-channel lumens. All sides and surfaces are sterilized; no “shadowing” Compatible with all common packaging materials. Will not damage delicate instruments like harsh chemical sterilants.

Additional Information

EO Gas 4 - From Zero to Sterile in 3.5 EOGas 4 now makes it possible to achieve sterilization with ethylene oxide in 3.5 hours. The temperature-controlled EOGas 4 cabinet along with Andersen's bag and cartridge technology maximizes gas efficiency and minimizes gas usage; only 17.6g of gas per cycle. Turn-around time for delicate medical items has never been this fast. EO Gas TechnologyEO-FCT flexible chamber technology Unlike traditional Ethylene oxide sterilizers which involve rigid metal chambers and large external tanks of gas, the EOGas 4 system uses gas impermeable sterilization bags and unit dose 100% EtO cartridges. By eliminating chamber dead space, EO-FCT employs only a tiny fraction of the EtO used in other systems.

Tech Specs

Specs: Outside Dimensions (LxWxH) :22 in x 28 in x 28.25 in Inside Dimensions (LxWxH) :19 in x 13.75 in x 23.25 in Tank Capacity :3.6 cu ft

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Warranty & Returns

6 months warranty, 30 days return policy