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Keeler’s Brighter, Wireless All-Pupil II

Brand:   Keeler’s
Condition:   New
Keeler’s Brighter, Wireless All-Pupil II
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Keeler’s Brighter, Wireless All-Pupil II New convertible technology offers you the choice between a neutral 4,000K LED for longer life, better contrast, and whiter light or a 3,800K traditional, Xenon bulb in the same product Features Light and easy to use, with outstanding brightness for difficult exams Maximum illumination with 2000 lux of light Free of wires and cords, the All-Pupil II offers total freedom of movement Standard with Docking Station Charger and spare battery Powered by compact slimline polymer battery Unique simple controls to change aperture size through all pupil sizes IR and UV barrier, guaranteeing improved patient protection and safety PD Range: 47-75mm