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Heine Omega 500 LED Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope with Headband Rheostat

Brand:   Heine
Condition:   New
Heine Omega 500
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Heine Omega 500 LED Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope with Headband Rheostat New Omega 500LED Binocular Indirect The newly designed Omega 500 features an illumination system with improved LED optical performance. Designed to deliver high-quality, stereoscopic fundus images through any pupil size, the Omega 500 features excellent optical performance and a headband rheostat that controls LED or XHL xenon-halogen illumination. Features Solid construction, with high-quality heat conducting materials, guarantees consistent light output for the LED’s 20,000-hour working life Precision optics, guaranteed to give you crisp, high resolution images for the most diagnostic information Customizable variable pupil system to provide stereo views in all examining conditions and pupil sizes; complete range from 1mm to 10mm. Two illumination options to match the color rendering of the Xenon bulb. Both LED and Xenon are included in the kit Headband rheostat HC 50L precisely adjusts the light intensity Apertures and filters lock into desired position Multiple power source options, allowing you to change and upgrade your power source at any time Lightweight, comfortable headband Lifetime, dustproof guarantee, with a 5-year parts and labor warranty